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Rustec-LIQUID is unique, concentrated formulation that can protect ferrous/ non-ferrous metals and equipment from corrosive solutions containing over 400ppm chloride. In addition, the product is designed to provide long term effectiveness against fresh water, and other highly corrosive solutions containing dissolved sulfide and halogens.

  • As a concentrated formulation, it offers low dosage effectiveness as a treatment for packer fluids and for a wide variety of marine and process applications requiring economical corrosion inhibition for fresh and salt water.
  • It is also effective as an additive to closed loop circulating systems or replacement for nitrite / chromate based compounds.
  • Rustec-LIQUID combines contact and volatile corrosion inhibitors in a non-toxic, biodegradable
    formulation that does not contain nitrites, phosphates, chromate, or heavy metals.
  • Being environmentally safe to use, it helps solve the problem of disposal, particularly for large quantities of water.
  • Having a temperature stability of 290°C, Rustec-LIQUID is one of the few formulation that can
    offer effective corrosion protection for deep and hot wells in both oil and gas applications.


  • Provides effective corrosion protection against aggressive attack from high chloride solutions that over power and break down conventional corrosion inhibitors.
  • Effective for a broad range of applications to stop aggressive corrosion from fresh and salt water, brine, chloride, and other dissolved halogens.
  • Biodegradable formulation environmentally acceptable.
  • Low concentration effectiveness provides economical treatment.
  • Vapor phase action provides protection to areas that contact inhibitors cannot reach.
  • Readily water soluble liquid for easy application.
  • Ideal for use in deep and hot wells


  • RUSTEC- LM S100 - For spray, substitute for anti-rust oil
  • RUSTEC- LM D100 - Hydrotest additives and metal cutting fluid additives, dippin


  • Inhibitor for closed loop cooling systems.
  • Packer fluid treatment.
  • Treatment of high fluid level wells.
  • Hydrostatic solution, inhibitor for pipelines, pipeline castings, tanks, and valves.
  • Prevent water-bottom corrosion in oil storage tanks, and ballast tanks of ships and offshore platforms.
  • Provide corrosion inhibition to salt water used for cleaning or blasting.
  • Alkanolamine sweeteners.
  • Closed circuit cooling systems containing brine solution.
  • Pulp and paper process equipment.
  • Desalination plants.
  • Mines, mining and earth moving equipmen

Method of Applications

  • LM S100
    • LM S100 Should be sprayed or brushing without dilution.
    • When it sprayed inside of package, it will have same protection result.
    • Dosage : 200㎖/CBM
    • After spray, sealed or cover completely to keep it's maximum effect.
    • For dipping or leaking test purpose, LM S100 can be diluted 1-3 times by water
    • Avoid snow or rain after spraying to protect air flow
  • LM D100
    • Apply by dilute 20-100times(1.0-5%) with water for hydraulic leaking test, dipping, additives for oil products.
    • Diluted water should keep pH over 6.5. if pH become less than 6.5, should add LM D100 to keep pH over 6.5

Metals Protected

  • Ferrous metals: Steel/ Cast iron/ Tin or tin plated
  • Non-ferrous metals: Aluminum/ Brass/ Bronze/ Copper/ Cadmium/ Stainless steel/ Galvanized/ Chromium/ Nickel/ Zinc

Packaging and Storage

  • Rustec-VCI LIQUID is packaged in 20LTR, 100LTR, 200LTR plastic drums.
  • Product should be stored in tightly closed container

Shelf life

  • LM S100
    • Over 1 year at complete sealing condition.
    • Over 30 days at the out door storage.
      (Protection period is vary according to storage condition)
  • LM D100
    • 1.0-2% dilution (appx. 2 weeks)
    • 2-4% dilution (appx. 4 weeks)
    • Over 4% dilution (appx. 3 months)
      (Can be adjusted upon usage and packing condition)